Suggested Checklist For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

“If you are thinking to blend Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing on your Tanzania Safari, then you should have a different kind of packing. It is because; you want to stand on the highest point of Africa.”


Go anywhere: do whatever: you need something to carry with you while you are on a vacation to a foreign land. Your packing would differ according to the region you are planning to visit and activities you are going to undertake on your vacation. For example if planning for Egypt : you need not take the warm clothes, but if planning for Tanzania to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro , then you need to pack of your rain coat and warm clothes starting from stockings to gloves. Sometimes the culture and the traditions of the country you are visiting to may demand a special type of attire to wear. Hence a judicious packing is a key factor to make your trip wonderful and pleasurable.

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If you are thinking to blend Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing on your Tanzania Safari, then you want different kind of packing. It is because; you want to reach on the highest point of Africa: on your way to the summit you would come across varied landscapes and eco-zones. You have to climb a long way through the rugged roads. The most usual factor is that, as you would proceed ahead, you would experience the presence of less oxygen in the air, and a fall in the temperature. There are uttermost possibilities that, you may suffer from high altitude sickness with some of the other diseases like cough and cold. This is why you need to carry various a varieties of clothes and medicines with than while you are on a Wildlife Safari In Tanzania to any of its National Park. It’s possible to find the gears on rent locally for climbing the mountain but it’s expensive and the quality is certainly poor for the money you will be spending.


The most important things to pack of with priority is the travel documents. Any lack in the production of the proper document to the concerned authority may be resulted in not allowing to the inland. And in such case you would be far away from your dream of Climbing Kilimanjaro. The travel documents you need to pack before your outing to Tanzania are:


Travel Documents:

Valid Passport And Visa:

No country would ever allow you without a valid passport and the visa. Because these documents carry information with them that where from you are: what is the motto of your travel: and what destinations you are going to cover: the numbers of days you would stay in their land and many more. Even missing of it may create a problem for you. This is why it is always advised to keep the originals at hotel and carry the facsimile copies with you.

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Airline Ticket:

Keep your airline ticket with you. It would be required at your homeland and the land you are visiting to. Always keep the ticket and other documents that would be required in the airport in a separate folder.

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International Health Card With Immunizations (Yellow fever):

Make sure some countries do not allow to the visitors suffering from Yellow fever or HIV aids. Take the proper immunisation and keep its documents with you to be shown to the proper authority at the airport.

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Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is a good idea. If you have done it online prior to your visit, then carry the papers stating it. By showing it to the proper authority, you can have the insurance coverage for any loss or damage.

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Medical Insurance:

If you have done medical insurance, then carry all the papers with you to get paid for any sort of health problem.

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US$ Cash / Travellers Checks / Credit Card:

Always carry the US dollars. That is easily acceptable in any country. Take your travellers checks and credit cards with you to avail the cash facility.
Besides this you need to carry some other things for your safety and comfort. Just glance over the followings. You would have a good idea of your packing.

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Personal Items:

• Toilet kit (soap, tooth brush, toilet articles, wet wipes, etc.)
• Towel
• Sun screen and lip protection, SPF 30+
• Ziploc bags, to protect camera, binoculars, etc. from dust.
• Toilet paper
• Money belt for passport and valuables

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Medical and First Aid Supplies:

• Headaches–Syndols
• Altitude sickness-Diamox
• Diarrhoea – Imodium
• Nausea – Valiod
• Malaria – Prophylaxis
• Water purification tablets
• Painkillers
• Muscular sprains
• Abrasions blisters and cuts – Plaster, bandages
• Antiseptic cream – Betadine
• Flu and colds
• Eyes – drops
• Insect repellent

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Optional Items:

• Camera, extra lenses and film.
• Binoculars
• Pocket knife.
• Notebook & pencil
• Energy snacks and sweets
• Video camera, tapes, battery packs.

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