Things To Consider For Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro – Clothing

Can anybody planning for Tanzania and forget to experience the adventurous Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro ? This is really incredible. No one would ever plan a venture that does not include one of the greatest thrillers of the world, the “Mount Kilimanjaro”. This is the only summit that is accessible from the top 7 summits of the world. Having covered with the lush surrounding it stands proudly in the heart of Tanzania with some of the most scenic routes to its mysterious top: snow clad in a tropical zone. This is something that even challenges to the scientific researchers to unfold the secret of its top. The mountain is a world heritage and attracts people from world over who want to combine nature with adventure. If you do want to have a unique experience from your African tours then try for Kilimanjaro once. Your summiting would stop the history for a moment.

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Kilimanjaro Climbing is known in the world for its adventurous path. Besides, no special training is required to summit it. People can have the mountaineering experience with least expenditure. But you need to be very cautious with your dress while climbing the mountain. Because, you have to pass through different vegetations crossing to the varied atmospheric conditions and hike upward through the rugged roads, full of stones and obstacles. An improper preparation of clothes would definitely put you in problem on your hike. Uhuru Peak is an adventure that requires both cold and hot weather gear to carry. But remember don’t make your luggage heavy. To know more about Kilimanjaro, you can go through the blog about “Why Kilimanjaro Is An Extraordinary Attraction On Traveller’s Bucket List?”

Essential Clothing For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro:

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Clothing – Lower Body

Hiking Boots: As you have to trek the mountain, you need to walk along the rugged roads upward. So you need good quality of hiking boots. Don’t try to use the boot on the 1st day of your hiking. Make a practice of it first in the training session. This would make you more comfortable to walk.

Gaiters: These help keeping mud away from your boot. If it rained, this would be very helpful.

Socks: Always use liner socks to wick moisture from the feet and then use the woollen socks over them.

Pants: Use the long side rain proof and wind proof zippers to facilitate quick putting-them-on.

Base Layer For The Legs: The long leggings made from merino wool are the best to use as the base layer for the legs. This would provide your body extra warmth.

Shorts For Safari: When you are on your Safari, you may wear shorts. It is nice to wear sorts at city and during morning and evening.

Clothing – Upper Body

Base layer: Use merino wool base layer for the upper part of your body for extra warmth.

Mid layer: You need merino wool mid-layer to have for the evenings at camps lower than base camp. On summit night, this jacket would serve as the mid layer between the skin-hugging base layers and the outer layers.

Outer Layers: For lower altitudes, a regular long sleeve is enough. If required you can put on the base layer. But for higher altitudes, two merino wool base layers, the merino wool light jacket, the hard shell (for wind, not rain), and the synthetic down jacket are the perfect attires.

Shirts For Safari: Quick-dry short sleeve shirts having vents in it are always comfortable. This would prevent body odour from building up.

Head- And Neck- Gear: Always cover your head and neck to get protected from sun and cold. A sun hat for sun and a skull cap for cold are very useful. You can use buff and loosely hang it around your neck to avoid hitting up when in the sun or cold.

Outer Gloves: Just always use the insulated water proof gloves. But remember you still need liners underneath.

Liners: Carry the liners with you to use a lot on the days and evenings prior to summit night.

Clothing – Sleep Time

If you are sleeping in the high altitude in your sleeping bag, then it is better not to wear more clothes while sleeping. If you will have more clothes the less your body heat will work with the sleeping bag to keep you warm.

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