Four Points To Be Considered Before Travel To Tanzania For A Safari Trip

Have you ever wanted to see the actual sight of Tanzania, to sensation at the most breathtaking safari destination of the world? There are a small number of spaces are remained on earth where you can get the lively sights of the greatest animals. Tanzania is one of them. Soul of Tanzania is figured out with love, and out of decades of experience in safaris. As we can say, it is blessed with an awesome array of nature’s own wonders.

Huh! Fascinating about “Tanzania” after getting these ideas? It’s just the beginning; you can get more and more after entering into it. Tanzania holds an incredible sight of beaches, mountains, game reserves and a number of national parks. We can refer Tanzania as a paradise for both the animals and animal lovers. Tanzania pays more attention to wildlife conservation than any other country in the world. But just like any other holiday destination, Tanzania Safari Tours need a plan in advance to ensure that how you can have the most memorable moments when you’re travelling towards it.


1. How Can You Reach Your Desired Destination?

Tanzania is not so far as like it’s in our mind. It takes few hours to travel by flight and land at Dar-es-salaam and Kilimanjaro International Airport. In the northern part of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro airport is the best option. After landing at Tanzania, you can get vast options to travel like different kind of Land Cruiser vehicles with pop up according to your group size. Here the experienced drivers are working as a local guide who will take to your destination without having any difficulties.

2. What Is The Best Time To Travel For Real Sight Of Tanzania?

The most problem occurs during a tripping is a wrong timing entry to get the breathtaking sight of Tanzania. So research more and more before stepping forward. When you go through a deep study you can get to know that March to May is the finest Time For Safari as it’s a low season, the safaris can be a bit cheaper. Also the no of vehicles in the park will be few, so it is a good chance for sightseeing. 15th Jan to 1st March is the good time to experience Wildbeest Calving Season in Ndutu/Ngorongoro. June to October meant for having a Great Time at The Park and the December to March , July to October are the most excellent Time To See the Great Migration of Tanzania.

3. How Can You Get An Affordable Staying During Your Tanzania Safari Trip?

Tanzania is a highly demanded place that’s why it’s hard to find a cheapest accommodation facility. But booking your trip with 7 wonders safaris you can get a well manageable solution regarding your lodging and food. We provide you a number of accommodation options with suitable charges that don’t make you compromise with your regular need.

4. What Facts You Need To Aware?

  Don’t make any mistake like enter into the safari destination without any permission of local tourism board. It has needed to pay a little fee as an entry fee towards the national park of Tanzania.

  Weather is probably the most important thing to consider when planning your trip. Tanzania has two rainy seasons, generally, the heaviest rains (called Masika) usually fall from mid-March to May and a shorter period of rain (called mvuli) from November to mid-January.

  Be assured you are advised to take some anti-malaria pills and consult your medical officers before your safari trip as in this country; Malaria is a real matter to take care off.

  To do photographic safari with heavy equipment will need a special permit and it might cost you extra to do photographic safari as the permit for this is a bit expensive comparing to normal safari permit, so if you are coming for normal safari, you can just take a good camera, and not the heavy ones.

So don’t spoil more time and start a visit to see the Big Five Once-In-A-Life-Time. You can get the amazing sight of the lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, and leopard doing their best with us. We the 7 WONDERS SAFARIS are here to offer what no other tour operator was able to offer: a matchless suppleness and loyalty to our guests. Here we are the experts in organize safaris trips to Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. We are having a special identification due to well-organized, focused and dynamic conscious professionals. Our team is leading with a number of trained and well-experienced people. Our main motive is to greet our customers a never erasable safari trip to memorize for the lifetime.

So don’t get late browse for our site and put a single email to help us reach you. After responding your email, we will be back to you with our full services to build your trip marvellously classy.

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