Why Kilimanjaro Is An Extraordinary Attraction On Traveller’s Bucket List?

When we think of African Safaris , all of a sudden we take the name of Tanzania and scenes that flash in mind are the great wide savannah plains dotting with animals, lush forests, migrating animals, and stunning scenery of the rugged land with an incredible mountainous backdrop known as Mt. Kilimanjaro. Besides the African gems, the timeless beauty of Kilimanjaro has been the biggest draw card for the country’s tourism industries and economy. Summiting world’s largest free standing mountain is a challenge for those who love outdoor adventure in Tanzania. Tanzania truly remains as an undiscovered treasure since centuries of exploration. Starting from the preparation till the passing through the changing vegetations and summiting on the snow clad top, everything is enthralling.

Getting In:

Flying to Kilimanjaro airport is the only option to get into Kilimanjaro. The airport exists in nearly equidistant from two main towns, Arusha and Moshi. Regretably there are no much international direct flights to Kilimanjaro and especially none from UK or USA. You can have connecting flights from Nairobi airport, Kenya or Dar es Salaam airport, Tanzania. You can avail bus services to Arusha or Moshi.

Entry Requirements:

Everyone visiting from Non-Commonwealth countries need to have a visa to enter into Tanzania if his country has no visa abolition agreement with Tanzania. Visas are issued at Tanzania Embassies/High Commissions abroad or at the entry points for the purpose of business, holiday, studies or for conducting research or any other approved activities in Tanzania. These are issued as single or multiple entry permits valid for a maximum period of three or six months respectively.

All foreign visitors need a passport valid for six months to enter into the country.


Kilimanjaro trekking needs both physical and the mental strength. Though it is not arduous to trek, yet the trekkers need to go under some minor trainings to keep them mentally and physically fit. Physical fitness is required, as you will be trekking between 5-10 miles a day, and mental stamina is required to develop your solidarity or confidence of summiting the summit. Most of the visitors climb Mt. Meru as a practice session before climbing Kilimanjaro. Mostly you are trained how to keep breathing easily on high altitudes, so that you can feel jaded.

Packing And Instruments:

You have thought of standing on the top of the highest mountain in Africa. As it is a journey to the higher elevations, and you need to walk upward or uphill, you need to pack your luggage accordingly. Your guide would suggest you what to pack? Yet the common things you must not miss include : Waterproof Jacket, Hiking Pants, Brimmed Hat, for sun protection, Knit Hat, for warmth, Hiking Boots,warm Gloves, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Trekking Poles, Head lamp, First Aid Kit and others.

The Best Time To Climb:

It’s proximity to the equator neither makes this place extremely sunny or abundantly chilly. Generally warmest and driest months are the best to climb Kilimanjaro. During rain, mud, snow, ice and cold can make the climbing tough by putting heavy stern on the body. From January through mid-March are the warmest months, with clear skies both in the morning and evening. March to early June is the span of rainy season and not advisable to climb for slippery routes and low visibility even in day time. Simply remember that bad weather simply makes the climb twice hard.

Best Route To Take In:

Kilimanjaro climbing cost is quite big and you really have to plan much before choosing one among the Kilimanjaro climbing routes. Lemosho, Marangu, Machame, Rongai, Shira and Umbwe are the official six routes that are used by the trekkers. Some routes are very difficult where as some routes are comparatively easier to hike. It depends on the hiker to choose one according to his choice. But generally the routes that display the more scenic views like Lemosho Route are frequently used by the hikers.

Kilimanjaro Highlights:

1. One of the greatest natural wonders in the world. It is a snow covered mountain on the equator surrounded with an ocean of green forests.

2. It is easy to climb. No special mountaineering device or even any previous mountain climbing experience is required to conquer it.

3. The world appears in a different way from the top of Kilimanjaro.

4. The changing vegetation and endemic animals are the major attractions of the region.

5. The local tribal residing here have no conflict with the unfenced animals. The only conflict arises when they attack to their domesticated animals like cows and sheep.

6. You can Mark an Important Life Event winding up at the top of Kilimanjaro. This would make you extra-special always.

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